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French compliment

Five centimeters. That’s how much how much space there was between my over-the-knee boots and my knitted, silver tunic-length sweater. That’s also where the waiter was leaning with his knee, the rest of his body hanging over me like a vulture. My husband, amused, observed the private moment between me and the waiter from the other side of the tiny table, while I was trying to decide whether the leaning knee was an accident or a deliberate attention catcher and especially, how in the world I was supposed to react. Not moving an inch, the waiter asked slowly, with honey in his voice: “Apéritif?” I managed to nod and whisper “Martini Bianco, s’il vous plait, et un GinTonic”, with the waiter still staring at me, us two in a bubble and the rest of the world somewhere else. With a totally disarming smile, he removed his knee and the moment was gone. Turned on, I think would be the best way to describe the feelings inside of me.

My husband and I had come to Paris to celebrate us falling in love again with each other, this time “big time”, and there’s no place better to rev up your romance than Paris. Every woman has a special glow when they’re in love, and the waiter at the tiny, 10-table restaurant where we were the only guests, decided to sit by the wall and stare at me. In the middle of our main course, he approached, and again, without taking any notice whatsoever of my husband, leaned over me and said, in French: “Please excuse me for taking the liberty of expressing my sentiments like this, but you are a very beautiful woman”.

Sisters, maybe you’ve received plenty of such compliments as a 48-year-old (now 54), but not me, the Finn, coming from a country where feelings and compliments are not on the top of the discussion list, and where flirting is considered awkward and totally useless. Heck, we’re famous for not knowing what “small talk” means!

I flushed and watched him returning to the chair by the wall. and whispered to my husband: “Can you believe what this guy just told me, with you sitting right across the table from me? That I’m a very beautiful woman?” This is how a calm, loving Finnish husband answers: “I quite agree”.

On the 17th of August, 2015, I will have had 30 years of heaven with my exceptional husband. This time, celebration in Helsinki. No compliments expected from a Finnish waiter…but probably  from the guy below.

My husband Timo

My husband Timo




Heal the world with your holiday

What a difference a day makes….to recognize the day that changes your life in some way, has always been a thrilling thought. On the 26th of June, 2014, my English cousin visited us with his wife and their two children (in their twenties). I hadn’t met my cousin in something like 30 years, but as we are related, he felt familiar right away and so did the rest of his lovely family.

I’m a ”talented amateur-pianist”, so I played some Sibelius to our English guests and told them that I aim to give charity concerts where ever there’s a need for money to be used for something positive. It just so happens that both my cousin and his wife do voluntary work for Vision for Asia, a Christian association helping out in Asia ( I’m a member of Zonta ( and eager to do my part in making the world a better place to for everybody, beginning with the feminine gender. It took us a couple of hours after having met to come up with the idea that I should give a concert in London and donate the money to Vision For Asia, or to, an association that works to eliminate trafficking (can you think of a more horrible business than selling people?), or to Zonta, or…I can’t help anybody ”on site” but I CAN play, so I will.

The day after, the 27th of June, Lue loppuun

Breakfast in Paris

I’ve been taught all my life that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Vitamins, fibers, protein, fat – all this to get your brain going. Maybe this is why Finland gets such high scores in the Pisa-school reports – our brains function in the morning, too. Is the rest of the world performing poorly in the first hours of their working day?

Vitamin C at Cafe Passy with Carolina (mom) and Margherita

Lue loppuun